The Wandering Llamas



Chester is a tall boy, but is very easy to lead. He is strong and steady and can carry all our goodies! He loves bananas and apples and will tolerate lots of petting! His sidekick is Jambo, who follows Chester everywhere!  Chester is one of MY favorite llamas!


Flash is quite the character...he is quite aloof. He has a slow gait and is easy to lead! Flash leads the group and is great with kids. He is also a fantastic "guard" lookout and will be the first to spot any wildlife, especially bears! If you are lucky, you may hear him do the "llama alarm call"!


Moose is a sweet young boy! Wait until you feel his incredible fluffy fiber!  Moose always has his little tail up while hiking! He is now almost 2 years old, but can sometimes be stubborn. He is just starting his pack training and doing quite well. 


This cute little guy has just turned 1 year old and is already out working with the herd. Jambo is an "Appaloosa", which is my favorite llama pattern! He looks like a walking powder puff! Jambo adores Chester and they are inseparable on the trail. Come on out and help us train him! Jambo has his own Facebook page, visit: Jammin' Jambo!


Gandalf is an ex-LeConte Lodge packer who has been retired from his hard mountain work! He only has one eye, but can hike just fine and is SO sweet! Gandalf is very vocal and hums a lot. Wait until you meet him!


A new arrival! If you want a talkative llama then Clifford's the one! He is very gentle and sweet and is a great llama to lead. Cliffford is older, so we dont make him carry too much. He is a large llama and has the sweetest face!


This little fat guy is quite sweet and has the most beautiful light brown eyes! He hums a lot so maybe he will sing for you!  If you need a llama for a party, wedding or event, Old Man Willow is the pick...he is one of the calmest llamas Ive ever known!


Buck is a smaller llama but very easy to lead. He has those silly buck teeth, so yes, Buck is his name! Even though he is small, Buck can carry a good load and is a great worker! Buck just arrived and is one of our newest llamas...Come meet him!


As you can see, Giraffybear is our tallest llama and looks just like a giraffe. Even though he is big, he can be handled by the smallest child because he is so gentle. He is really photogenic, so come and take a selfie with him!


Come meet and hike with our newest baby llama, who is only 8 months old. He is Jambo's cousin and they look just like twins! He is already out on the trail doing a great job!


Check back with us to see how our family of llamas keeps growing!


 Sandy Sgrillo, Owner/Guide                              Maegan Mora, Assistant Guide


Marty Dedrick, Assistant Guide

About Sandy

The Wandering Llamas was founded by Sandy Sgrillo, who has worked with llamas and been in business for 20 years. She was originally from Miami, where she chauffeured a stretch limo for celebrities and VIP's, such as Will Smith, Stevie Nicks, Pink Floyd, Jennifer Lopez, Tony Curtis, Phyllis Diller and hundreds more! She now resides in the beautiful Smokies with her 8 cats and small herd of 10 llamas—quite the lifestyle change! "And I wouldn't trade it for the world. Llamas are in my blood, now ... anyone who comes in contact with llamas falls in LlamaLlove!", Sandy says.

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If you are searching for a llama or alpaca, please contact SouthEast Llama Rescue, a non-profit organization that can find just what you are looking for! You can adopt or foster-home animals that are in need. An approved application and farm inspection is required beforehand.

Contact: if you are in the southeast USA.

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The Wandering Llamas, LLC is fully licensed, insured and permitted to hike within the Cherokee National Forest and on private properties.

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