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The Wandering Llamas

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Our trails offer something for everyone…from flat, wooded forests to smooth mountain vistas to refreshing cool creeks! Stroll through the pristine woods, run through open fields full of flowers and relax while gazing at  the mountains or the small cascades along the creek. Our meeting points for all hikes are located at the 

actual trailheads, which are near Greeneville, TN.  


1. Our Llama Farm - For events and Treehouse glamping- Greeneville, TN

2. Horse Country Lane(off the farm)- Greeneville, TN

3. Hobbit Creek Trail -  near Chuckey, TN 

4. The Burnett Gap Trail-  near Del Rio, TN

5. The Evergreen Trail -  Mosheim, TN 

We use different trails for all different types of hikes, all throughout the year,  and we choose a trail and time according to the weather and the clients specific hiking abilities. If you want a particular trail, please REQUEST it and if POSSIBLE, we will book your trek on that trail. We will EMAIL you the directions to the proper location AFTER you make your reservation. We are a weather-related business, so possible changes may occur, like the time and/or trail. PLEASE make sure you know the location for your specific hike and do your homework to make sure you know how long it takes to get there.

Email for availability and more Info!   [email protected]

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Located in the Cherokee National Forest in Chuckey, TN(near Greeneville). You will cross the creek twice and get your feet wet on this trail. Mostly flat, and fairly easy. About 3 miles round trip. Cell service at trailhead(none after we get farther up in the wilderness), Restrooms and shower available(may be closed due to Covid).

Directions to the trail will be emailed to you after making your reservation or you may print directions from here....

DIRECTIONS to Hobbit Creek Trail in the Cherokee National Forest)Horse Creek Recreation Area, 2415 Horse Creek Park Rd, Chuckey, TN 37641. From I-81 in TN, Exit on #23 Greeneville and heads towards Greeneville. You will be on 11E(Andrew Johnson Hwy) and go ALL the way through Greeneville (towards Jonesboro/Johnson City). DONT turn to go downtown. Stay on 11E and pass Food City, Lowes and the only Walmart, keep going. Make right on Hwy 107E(Tusculum ByPass)and go 5.7 miles. Pass Hwy 351. Look for sign on right that says Cherokee National Forest Recreation area. Turn right after sign on Horse Creek Park Road. Horse Creek Park Road is a small neighborhood road that winds its way to the Forest. Go about 3 miles, and it will sharp curve to the right. Go right. (DONT take Broyles Rd). Keep following Horse Creek Road to Park Entrance. As you enter the Cherokee National Forest, you will see the FIRST parking area to the left with a metal gate. Its directly across from Old Forge Rd. Pull in there to park and you will see my truck and horse trailer. Clean restrooms available(closed during Nov-Apr).


In Cherokee National Forest between Greeneville, TN. and Del Rio, TN.

Wooded, sloped and quiet. NO water crossings on this trail. Slightly uphill, but not terribly steep. NO cell service, NO restrooms.

Directions to the trail will be emailed to you after making your reservation or you may print directions from here....

900 Hwy 107, Greeneville, TN. Take Asheville Hwy (Hwy 70) south and pass the South Greeneville High School. Pass Hwy 351 and look out for Hwy 107. There will be a Creekside Market gas station and store. Its your LAST CHANCE to get food, gas, supplies and use the restroom. Its also your last chance to have a phone signal, as you will lose it from here on out.

Make right on Hwy 107 and go 11 miles. You will pass the HOUSTON VALLEY Recreation area(closed) and then see signs for Burnett Gap Trail on left. If you get to Meadow Creek Rd, you just passed us….

Pull into Burnett Gap Trail parking area. We will not have a phone signal so if you are lost, I won’t be able to get a call from you. However if you need to call and leave a message that I will get later, its 423-426-7626. 


This is a quiet, paved road, mostly flat with one steep hill. Some mountain views. No water crossings. Directly off the llama farm.

NO restrooms, cell service is available. 

Directions to the trail will be emailed to you after making your reservation or you may print directions from here....1516 Foxford Rd, Greeneville, TN 37743. 

From I-81, exit on the Greeneville Exit #23. Follow signs to Greeneville/Johnson City. You will be on Hwy.11E going north. Continue north on 11E until you see signs for DOWNTOWN Greeneville. Exit there and go right. Take first right...Follow signs to 321/70 CROSS over train tracks, cross over Hwy321 and continue on 70 South. Pass Walgreens and keep going straight. Go south on Hwy 70/107(Asheville Hwy) for about 9 miles. Go past S. Greeneville School and an old Amoco Gas Station(closed). Turn left on Hwy 351, go about 5 miles. Pass a Greenhouse/Love's Nursery. Look for yellow signs that indicate a curve and left turn. Look for FoxFord Rd on left…its VERY easy to miss! Once on Foxford rd, look for 2 signs, "1516 Foxford Rd, WELCOME".


Private property(horse farm) located in Moshiem, TN. NOT open to the public. Available ONLY in cooler weather.  A hilly, wooded trail with some views, and no water crossings. Cell service available, restrooms available.

Directions to the trail will be emailed to you after making your reservation or you may print directions from here....


EVERGREEN TRAIL McMillan Farm, 495 McMillan Rd. Mosheim, TN 37818. 

From I-81, exit on the Greeneville Exit #23. Turn south towards Greeneville. You will be on Hwy. 11E. Continue on 11E about 6 miles to Hwy 348(Midway Rd). Take a right, go past school, go over bridge. Take first left, Shackleford rd. Stay on Shackleford rd for about 1-2 miles. When road splits at white fence, go STRAIGHT on McMillan Rd. Stay on McMillan, pass Wood & Pallet Company, keep going. At curve, look for llama sign on left, 495 McMillan Rd…"McMillan Farms" . Please wait at security gate and call me for the code. 423-426-7626 

OWNER/GUIDE: Sandy Sgrillo              ASSISTANT GUIDE: Sam

       ASSISTANT GUIDE: Janet                    ASSISTANT GUIDE: 

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The Wandering LLamas, LLC is fully licensed and insured and holds legal permits for hiking in the Cherokee National Forest and on private properties.